Project Portfolio Management

Make the Best IT Investment Decisions

Definitive Pro is the only project portfolio management (PPM) solution with world-class decision-making support capabilities. Easily prioritize projects, analyze trade-offs and optimize resources with advanced AI and data analytics to help you build consensus and justify IT investment decisions.

Billions of Dollars in Investment Decisions

Definitive Pro has been trusted by federal agencies, state governments and Fortune 500 companies for over 20 years.

Optimize Resource Allocations Across Your Portfolio

Retire your spreadsheets. Say goodbye to polls, surveys and whiteboards. Definitive Pro uses decision science best practices to help you avoid making bad decisions.

Build Decisions Models

Build a weighted decision model using strategic objectives to standardize decision making and support IT project investments.

Align Strategic Objectives

Prioritize projects based on business goals, available resources and potential benefits to streamline investment decisions.

Optimize Budget Allocations

Optimize the allocation of available funding to increase the speed, quality and accuracy of IT project portfolio investments.

Automatically Balance Budget & Resource Constraints

Ensure strategic alignment of IT project portfolio investments with your business goals.
Optimize IT investment levels across your entire portfolio to achieve the greatest benefit.

Build an Effective Scoring Model

Determine the relative importance of strategic objectives using the Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) to evaluate investment proposals against agreed upon comparison criteria.

Evaluate Alternatives and Trade-Offs

Automatically analyze all possible investment combinations to identify, prioritize and deliver the maximum benefit based on your strategic goals.

Optimize Resource & Budget Allocation

Consistently build trust in your investment decisions by building reliable business cases based on the cost vs. benefit vs. risk analysis of every project portfolio investment.

Why Choose Definitive Pro?

Delivering best-in-class Project Portfolio Management with built-in decision-making support to help organizations prioritize, plan and govern project investments.


Faster Decisions

Reduce business case preparation and review time to adapt to budget changes and accelerate decision-making.


Greater Yield

Determine the most ideal combination of IT projects to optimize portfolio investments, benefits and ROI.


More Efficiency

Streamline decision-making processes and prioritization to improve efficiency, quality and outcomes.

“Definitive delivered a high-quality product that helped us transform our global procurement capability.”
Cynthia A. Dautrich
Chief Procurement Officer, Accenture

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