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Prioritize your projects and optimize spend. Use our portal to manage demand and develop better plans, forecasts, and budgets.

Solve complex problems by conducting a best-in-class alternatives analysis. Engage all the stakeholders, analyze trade-offs, and make the best decision.

Definitive Pro is built to support decision-making. Our methodology combines artificial intelligence (AI), data, and human judgment to build consensus and buy-in.

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What we hear from CxOs

We get it. Planning in an uncertain world is hard.

In a constantly changing world with information overflow, it is easy to get bogged down. You need to react to things beyond your control, rapidly respond to world events and market changes, and manage risk at the same time. But what you want – and what your organization needs – is the ability to make better plans and decisions, with the consensus and buy-in of all stakeholders.

What decision-makers want to stop

Ditch the old way of making your most important decisions.

Say goodbye to sticky notes on a wall, spreadsheet magic, and ineffective meetings. Stop having the best ideas drowned out by the loudest voice in the room. Avoid making flawed decisions, marginalizing team members, and missing opportunities. There is a better way.

  • Using an unstructured portfolio management process that leads to confusion
  • Silod decision-making by a single department or a few insiders
  • Starting projects that are under resourced or that stall due to a lack of resources
  • Being unable to articulate the strategic value of our investments
  • Making investments where we can’t measure the realization of the benefits
  • Having to react to auditors without the data to justify how we made our decisions
  • Cramming qualitative benefits into a cash flow analysis to demonstrate value
  • Making decisions that don’t tap the knowledge and experience of the team

The New Way — The Definitive Approach

Our patented methodology combines data and human judgment to help you make better plans and solve complex problems. Using the latest advancements in decision science, Definitive Pro cuts through the noise to help you make the best decisions.

Develop and use decision models

Team members work together to first determine HOW the decision will be made. Data driven decision models help people make better decisions.

Measure the strategic benefit

Too often, decisions are made solely based on financial metrics. The Definitive approach is to complement the financial analysis with an analysis of the strategic benefit — and juxtapose the two.

Establish diverse and cross-functional teams

Destroy group think by including all the key stakeholders and those closest and most knowledgeable of the problem and alternative solutions.

Reduce risk with incremental investments

For large projects, progressively elaborate the business case as more and better information becomes available.

Plan the resources and resource the plan

Assess the resource capacity and the existing resource commitments to determine what new investments can be resourced.

Employ data analytics to increase speed, accuracy, and business value

Use of a mathematical solver to manage uncertainty, and to visualize and optimize the allocation of available funding.

How are plans and decisions made on Definitive Pro?

The platform harnesses the power of organizational wisdom by engaging stakeholders to collaborate, prioritize, and optimize. Definitive Pro measures consensus and will help you act on your decision. While the platform offers capabilities for the most experienced organizations in decision management, our process can be easily adopted in three simple steps:

1. The participants determine how the decision will be made.

The participants collaborate on the decision criteria and use a guided process of comparing the criteria in pairs to determine their relative importance.

2. The alternatives are ranked by how well they meet your criteria.

Working individually or as a group, the participants consistently and comprehensively evaluate each alternative against the criteria.

3. The participants make the decision.

Definitive Pro will help you visualize the results, evaluate different scenarios, and make the decision!

Definitive Pro is unlike its competitors

An easy-to-use service to manage project portfolios and conduct alternatives analyses using an innovative and proven decision management capability.


We have 3 U.S. patents in decision science and developed our service that is unmatched by our competitors.


We have an unblemished delivery record over 20 years and have helped our decisions make billions of dollars in decisions.


Our security and privacy program has kept customer data secure. We are SOC 2 Type II compliant and have passed 3 Federal agency cyber security assessments.


Big decisions should not be made lightly. But with Definitive Pro, they can be made more easily. Get started in as little as 3 weeks.

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