Decision Management

Continually Improve Your Decision-Making!

Definitive Pro is used to solve complex problems that can’t be solved with data and algorithms alone.

Solving complex problems requires dealing with ambiguity, transparency, cross-functional collaboration, human judgment, trade-off analysis, and consensus building. Complex problems are different than complicated problems, as they tend to be linear and predictable. As such, complicated problems have been solved before (i.e., they are repeatable). Moreover, you can usually validate the solution to a complicated problem.

Definitive Pro provides the capability to build weighted decision models (i.e., scoring models), and serves as the system of record for decisions, their associated results, and the basis for continuous process improvement.

What is Decision Management?

Gartner defines decision management as the discipline of designing and building systems that produce structured decisions. It usually involves these three best practices: 1) Using decision management for high-value, non-trivial decisions; 2) Starting the decision process with some form of a decision model; and 3) Tracking input, decisions, and results to enable continuous decision improvement.