Get 35%+ More Benefit for Your Budget!

Definitive Pro employs a state-of-the-art mathematical programming solver to optimize the allocation of resources. The optimizer supports functions that can’t be performed manually. It identifies the recommended portfolio of projects that together deliver the greatest strategic benefit, while satisfying the following constraints and dependencies:

  • Budget constraints (e.g., the portfolio cannot exceed a maximum cost of $15M)
  • Resource constraints (e.g., no resource can be over allocated)
  • Planning constraints (e.g., include the “must-haves”, exclude the “must-nots”)
  • Dependencies (e.g., two or more alternatives that are mutually exclusive, mutually inclusive, or have a relationship where one requires the other)
  • Group constraints (e.g., select 3 or more alternatives from group “A”, select no more than 2 alternatives from group “B”)
  • Criteria allocation constraints (e.g., ensure the mix of the portfolio includes a 30% investment level in criteria “A”)
  • Partial funding (i.e., alternative “A” can be funded at less than 100% of its budget request)
What is Optimization?

Optimization is a mathematical method to achieve the best outcome (e.g., maximum benefit, minimize risk, etc.). Definitive Pro™ optimizes resources by finding the most favorable solution that satisfies all dependencies and meets all constraints. An optimizer is a prescriptive analytics tool to answer: What should we do?

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