Definitive Pro and Optimization

Definitive Pro employs a state-of-the-art mathematical programming solver to find the most favorable solution and optimize the allocation of resources. The optimizer can manage:

  • Budget constraints (e.g., the portfolio cannot exceed a maximum cost of $15M)
  • Planning constraints (e.g., include the “must-haves”, exclude the “must-nots”)
  • Dependencies (e.g., two or more alternatives that are mutually exclusive, mutually inclusive, or have a relationship where one requires the other)
  • Group constraints (e.g., select 3 or more alternatives from group “A”, select no more than 2 alternatives from group “B”)
  • Criteria allocation constraints (e.g., ensure the mix of the portfolio includes a 30% investment level in criteria “A”)
  • Partial funding (i.e., alternative “A” can be funded at less than 100% of its budget request)
What is Optimization?

Optimization is a mathematical method to achieve the best outcome (e.g., maximum benefit, minimize risk, etc.). Definitive Pro™ optimizes resources by finding the most favorable solution that satisfies all dependencies and meets all constraints. An optimizer is a prescriptive analytics tool to answer: What should we do?

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